Terms and conditions

These Account Terms (the “Terms”) set out the various rules and procedures that apply when You open an Account and use it to play H COIN Lottery games online (including on mobile devices) or for any other reason.

1. Account Registration

  • 1.1 You are allowed to have as many accounts as you want.
  • 1.2 You can only register for an Account and use that Account if:
    • (a) You are 16 or over;
    • (b) where required, You are able to verify, in whatever way H COIN Lottery decides, that any information supplied to H COIN Lottery is genuine.
  • 1.3 You will need to provide certain information when applying to open an Account to help H COIN Lottery establish whether or not You and/or Your account meet the criteria set out in Section 1.2 and whether You are eligible to play the Games. H COIN Lottery reserves the right to carry out checks to establish the above and to verify (or ask an authentication agency to carry out checks to verify) Your age and identity and any other details provided (for example Your name, age, username, email, password), and to ask You for further documentation to verify the same.
  • 1.4 H COIN Lottery may also request information from You or carry out checks after You have opened an Account, to ensure that You and/or Your account still meet the criteria set out in Section 1.2.
  • 1.5 H COIN Lottery reserves the right to refuse an application to open an Account for any reason.
  • 1.6 If H COIN Lottery subsequently discovers that You were not or are no longer eligible to open, hold and use an Account, H COIN Lottery reserves the right to take all appropriate steps in relation to You and Your Account (including, without limitation, suspending or terminating Your Account, and investigating any security issues).
  • 1.7 H COIN Lottery will not be liable to pay a Prize to anyone that does not meet the criteria set out in Section 1.2. If a Prize is paid to anyone who does not meet those criteria, that person will be required to repay the Prize immediately if H COIN Lottery requests it.

2. Using Your Account

  • 2.1 You are responsible for making sure all of Your Account information is accurate and up to date. You can only update or change certain Account-Related Information. Any updates and changes (including Your details) must be made by contacting us here. The updates can only be done by our team.
  • 2.2 You must keep Your password secure and secret at all times and take steps to prevent it being used without Your permission. You should, for example:
    • (a) memorise Your password and never tell it to anyone;
    • (b) never write Your password down (including on Your computer or other electronic device) or record it in a way that can be understood by someone else;
    • (c) destroy any communications from H COIN Lottery in relation to Your password as soon as You have read them;
    • (d) avoid using a password that is easy to guess; and
    • (e) contact the Customer Care Team immediately if anyone has used Your Account or given any instruction in relation to it without Your permission, or if You think someone else knows Your password.
  • 2.3 If You forget Your password, You can reset it by following the instructions on the Site (as long as You can provide the relevant security information).

3. Account Funds and Limits

  • 3.1 Once You have provided all necessary details for Your Account, You can add funds to Your Account. H COIN Lottery will determine whether the funds You have requested to add to Your Account are available. Once this has been confirmed and H COIN Lottery has verified that your funding method registered to Your Account has not been reported as lost or stolen, the funds will be added to Your Account.
  • 3.2 There will be a minimum and maximum amount that can be added to Your Account at any one time and/or during any period of time and/or in any one transaction. The minimum and maximum amounts will be set by H COIN Lottery and specified on the "Account top-up" section of the Site. H COIN Lottery may also, at any time, impose a maximum Account balance that You will only be able to exceed if You choose to download Prizes into Your Account. Any maximum Account balance will be communicated to You in any way H COIN Lottery decides from time to time.
  • 3.3 You can only buy tickets up to the value of the funds in Your Account.
  • 3.4 You can withdraw funds from Your Account at any time you decide. On withdrawal of funds H COIN Lottery will return the relevant funds to you by any method you choose to use.
  • 3.5 You won’t receive or be entitled to interest on funds in Your Account or on any Prizes.

4. Play Limits

  • 4.1 H COIN Lottery may, at its discretion, impose limits on the number of times You can play the game, and/or the number of Plays You can buy, during a defined time period. Any limits imposed under this Section 4.1 will be notified to You in an appropriate manner by H COIN Lottery.
  • 4.2 You are also able to permanently exclude Yourself, or temporarily exclude Yourself for an unlimited period of time, from Your Account (and, therefore, from playing all Games) by contacting the Customer Care Team.

5. Game History and Transaction History

You can view details relating to Your Game History and certain Transaction History, through Your Account on the Site. If You want to view records that are not available through your account section, You should contact the Customer Care Team. H COIN Lottery will then provide this information to You as soon as is reasonably practicable.

6. Closing an Account and Termination etc.

  • 6.1 You can close Your Account at any time by contacting the Customer Care Team.
  • 6.2 Accounts are unlimited per person. If H COIN Lottery discovers or believes a third party Account is being used by You or on Your behalf, H COIN Lottery reserves the right to terminate, vary or suspend some or all of those Accounts (at its discretion) and take whatever action it reasonably considers appropriate.
  • 6.3 H COIN Lottery may terminate, vary or suspend the provision of the Games, access to Your Account and/or to the Site, and refuse any and all current or future playing of the Games by You, immediately and without giving You prior notice:
    • (a) if any information provided by You (including, without limitation, Games-Related Information) is provided fraudulently or is inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete;
    • (b) on Your breach of these Terms, the relevant Game Rules and/or the relevant Games Procedures and/or any relevant Game Specific Rules;
    • (c) for repair or maintenance work or in order to upgrade or update the Site and/or H COIN Lottery’s Computer System;
    • (d) if H COIN Lottery stops offering the Games, the provision of Accounts, or access to the Site or any part of it to its customers for any reason; or
    • (e) for any other reason at H COIN Lottery’s sole discretion.
  • 6.4
    • (a) Once Your Account has been closed or terminated (or if You permanently exclude Yourself from playing all Games in line with Section 4.2), H COIN Lottery will return any funds remaining in Your Account by any appropriate method.
    • Alternatively H COIN Lottery may, in exceptional circumstances and at its discretion, return any funds outstanding to the bank or building society account linked to Your Account, or by any other appropriate method.

7. Funding

  • 7.1 You can add funds to your account by purchasing H COINS with Bitcoin.
  • 7.2 All purchases through H COIN Lottery are final. If you want your deposited money back you have to do an withdraw.
  • 7.3 The exchange rate between H and Bitcoin will be always the same; 1  H = 0.001 BTC.

8. Site Availability

If You aren’t able to access the Games on the Site for any reason for more than 7 consecutive days (other than because of Your equipment or technology, or internet service provider or mobile device network operator, failing or malfunctioning), H COIN Lottery will immediately after that 7 day period, return any funds in Your Account to You by any appropriate means.

9. Use of the Site

  • 9.1 You agree that:
    • (a) the Site and the Games are for Your own personal, non-commercial use; and
    • (b) You are only allowed to use Your Account and the Site, and play the Games, as set out in these Terms, the applicable Game Rules and Game Procedures and any Game Specific Rules, or on the Game Details Screen.
  • 9.2 You also agree that You will only use Your Account, play the Games and use the Site in an appropriate and lawful manner. You will not, for example:
    • (a) receive, access or transmit any content which is obscene, pornographic, threatening, racist, menacing, offensive, defamatory, in breach of confidence, in breach of any intellectual property right (including, without limit, copyright) or otherwise objectionable or unlawful; or
    • (b) knowingly or recklessly transmit any content (including, without limit, viruses) through the Site and/or H COIN Lottery Computer System which will cause, or be likely to cause, detriment or harm, in any degree, to computer systems owned by H COIN Lottery or others; or
    • (c) hack into, make excessive traffic demands on or cause any impairment of the functions of any computer system, deliver or forward chain letters, "junk mail" of any kind, surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or otherwise engage in any behaviour intended to prevent others from playing the Games or using the Site or any other website, or which is otherwise likely to damage the reputation or business of H COIN Lottery or of any third party; or
    • (d) authorise or allow anyone to do the above.
  • 9.3 You agree to indemnify H COIN Lottery against any costs, losses, damages and expenses which H COIN Lottery may suffer or incur arising out of or in relation to any claim, legal proceeding or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of Your wrongful or negligent use of Your Account, playing of the Games, access to the Site and/or H COIN Lottery’s Computer System, or breach by You of these Terms.
  • 9.4 There is no guarantee that the Site will display correctly on all devices it can be viewed on.
  • 9.5 H COIN Lottery is the owner or licensee of all the copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights in, to and in respect of the Games and the Site, and You will not acquire any rights in any of these.
  • 9.6 You must not:
    • (a) copy, disclose, transmit or otherwise make available or remove or change any material available on the Site;
    • (b) reverse engineer or decompile (whether in whole or in part) any software used in connection with the Site and/or the provision of the Games (except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law); or
    • (c) remove, obscure or change any copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property right notices in any material obtained from the Site or as a result of playing the Games.

10. Your information

  • 10.1 The processing of Your Games-Related Information will be carried out by H COIN Lottery in line with the Privacy Policy. You agree that when You contact the Customer Care Team, You will supply any Games-Related Information required by H COIN Lottery.
  • 10.2 By passing information (including Games-Related Information) to H COIN Lottery, You agree and consent to H COIN Lottery holding and processing it in line with this Section 11 and the Privacy Policy. H COIN Lottery is an anonymous play lottery website so no sensitive data as name or address will be ever requested from your part.
  • 10.3 H COIN Lottery will never track anyone or keep any sensitive data about anyone.

11. Limitation of Liability

  • 11.1 H COIN Lottery’s only obligation is to pay the Prizes won in any Game to the rightful owners of winning Plays or provide a refund where appropriate. H COIN Lottery will not be liable in any circumstances for any loss of whatever nature other than non-payment of a Prize or the non-payment of any refund properly due under the Game Rules. In particular, but without limitation, H COIN Lottery will not be liable for any loss of profits, indirect, special or consequential loss, suffered or incurred by You (or any holder or owner of a Play, any person who submits a claim for a Prize during the applicable claim period, or any other person) that arises out of the withdrawal of any Game or from the participation or non-participation of You or any person in any Game. This includes the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in such Game.
  • 11.2 H COIN Lottery will not be liable to any person for:
    • (a) events beyond its reasonable control and expectations (for example war, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, power cut and/or failure or obstruction of any network, broadcasting or telecommunications service);
    • (b) the failure or destruction of, or damage to all or part the computer systems or records of H COIN Lottery or any third party (including, without limitation, the Site and/or H COIN Lottery’s Computer System);
    • (c) any mistakes caused by all or part of the computer system or records of H COIN Lottery or any third party (including, without limitation, the Site and/or H COIN Lottery’s Computer System);
    • (d) delays, losses, mistakes or omissions in or made by the postal or other delivery service or by the banking system;
    • (e) any other action or event which prevents or hinders the issue of a valid Play (including without limitation the failure of the Site to display correctly on any device used to view it);
    • (f) the refusal to sell a Play to any person or to allow any person to play a Game;
    • (g) any losses caused by You, including misuse or unauthorised use of passwords and money lost by playing the Games;
    • (h) any losses caused by the failure or malfunction of Your equipment or technology or Your internet service provider or mobile phone network operator, or the equipment, technology, internet service provider or mobile phone network operator of any other person or third party.
  • 11.3 If there is a failure or malfunction of H COIN Lottery’s Computer System which impacts any limits You set in line with Section 4.2 and has a material adverse effect on You, H COIN Lottery will (at its sole discretion) either:
    • (a) refund to You the money You spent on buying Plays above Your limit and recover any Prizes paid into Your Account in respect of those Plays; or
    • (b) refund to You the money You spent on buying Plays above Your limit, net of any Prizes paid into Your Account in respect of those Plays.

    No interest will be payable in respect of any refunds made.

  • 11.4 Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits (a) any person’s liability (i) for fraud; or (ii) for death or personal injury caused by breach of any duty that person may have to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill; or (b) any other liability which cannot lawfully be excluded or limited.
  • 11.5 You acknowledge and agree that in accepting these Terms You do not rely on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty (in each case whether negligently or innocently made) or understanding of any person whether or not that person is a party to these Terms. 

12. H COIN Lottery’s Discretion is Binding

The reasonable exercise by H COIN Lottery of any discretion provided for by these Terms will be final and binding.

13. General

  • 13.1 Any person who plays a Try Game or who buys a Play, submits a Play for validation or who claims a Prize in whatever capacity, agrees to be bound by the provisions of any applicable legislation, these Terms, the relevant Game Rules and Game Procedures (and any relevant Game Specific Rules) (all as amended from time to time) and any other statements or explanations or rules or procedures H COIN Lottery may issue from time to time in respect of that Game.
  • 13.2 H COIN Lottery may change these Terms (including the Privacy Policy) and any Game Rules, Game Procedures and Game Specific Rules, and any other rules and procedures issued by H COIN Lottery from time to time, for any and/or all of the Games, at any time. The changes will be effective from the date of their publication on the Site (or any earlier time H COIN Lottery states), or on notification to You that the changes have taken place (whichever takes place sooner) and will apply to Plays bought after the date on which the changes become effective, and/or Plays bought before that date if reasonable in the circumstances. Notification will be by email, Account notification, post or any other form of communication reasonably decided by H COIN Lottery. You agree that You will be bound by the changes when You next play a Game, access Your Account or claim a Prize after the changes have become effective, or (where relevant) when You expressly accept the changes, whichever takes place first.
  • 13.3 These Terms, the Privacy Policy (which is incorporated by reference into these Terms), the applicable Games Rules, Game Procedures, any Game Specific Rules and the statements and explanations appearing on the applicable Game Details Screen (where appropriate) set out the full extent of H COIN Lottery’s obligations and liabilities to You and form the contract between H COIN Lottery and You. If there is any conflict between these documents, they will apply in the following order (unless H COIN Lottery states otherwise): (a) the applicable Game Specific Rules (taking first priority); (b) the applicable Game Procedures; (c) the applicable Games Rules; (d) these Terms (excluding, for this purpose, the Privacy Policy); (e) the statements and explanations appearing on the applicable Game Details Screen; (f) the Privacy Policy.
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