The game 6/49 lottery

What is H COIN Lottery 6/49 game?

Join the game that can make you millionaire over night. Could you be next? H COIN Lottery 6/49 game draw takes place every hour every day. So get ready for the excitement of the original millionaire maker. H COIN Lottery 6/49 game costs 1 H Coin per ticket.

How do I play?

Simply select six numbers from 1–49. You can play as many tickets as you want for one draw.

You can play H COIN Lottery 6/49 game online 24/7. H COIN Lottery 6/49 game draw will take place everyday hour.

What can I win?

Match all 6 main numbers to win Category 1. If there's more than one Category 1 winner, the prize will be shared between all the Category 1 winners. There are three prize categories:

Prize Categories
  • Category 1 Match 6 main numbers
  • Category 2 Match 5 main numbers
  • Category 3 Match 4 main numbers

How big can the H COIN Lottery 6/49 game Category 1 prize get?

The H COIN Lottery 6/49 game prize grows each time it's not won. This means that if the Category 1 prize is not won, the prize will grow until we get a winner.

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